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A phased website development approach leads to greater success

Tracking Football LLC is a football recruiting service that helps college and professional football teams identify key recruits based on independent athletic data. It’s a different approach to football recruiting and as a web-based product requires a site that is easy-to-use for fans while also marketing and educating their targeted prospects.

When Tracking Football contacted TBH Creative they had a functional website that they had outgrown. It was a complicated new approach they were bringing to the industry, and the website didn’t educate the marketplace well enough. They needed a more polished design. And they had some new ideas for their service that required custom online functionality. Our first step? Define a phased approach to get the new site out working in the market in the short term while strategically adding functionality upgrades over time.

We started by developing audience personas and let that market knowledge guide our first phase: establishing a new site architecture and design. Phase one was focused on the front-end marketing site of Tracking Football and included a complete redesign with custom graphics and responsive designs as well as new content that both educates the marketplace and details the benefits of their service.

Phase two ran consecutively and focused on the user experience and functionality of the product. Tracking Football’s website is more than just a marketing tool, it is where their service resides. Our work in phase two has extended across the year with several new releases of priority upgrades to help make it easier for their customers to search, review and compare athlete results.

First hired: 2015

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Thank you and your team for taking on this project and tackling all the challenges to revamp the site. I've received nothing but positive reviews and feedback on the site thus far. So you guys have done a spectacular job! 

Mark Branstad
Founder & CEO, Tracking Football

About Tracking Football

Tracking Football is the only scouting service available that gives football teams access to independently verified data on key athletic performance statistics, like track and field data, in an easy-to-use format. Their proprietary scores support and enhance recruiting and evaluation efforts by helping identify the best and most athletic prospects for a college or professional program.