Remy International

Responsive web design

Target audience needs driven website redesign

Remy International is a large organization that works with distinctly different audiences and markets. They decided they needed a more unified online presence and wanted to go about it in a strategic fashion. TBH Creative collaborated with BitWise Solutions on this project, providing strategic guidance, audience persona development, and design. 


First hired: 2014

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Audience definition

One of the first stages of this project was the development of audience personas. Based on client interviews and discussions with customer-interacting staff at Remy, TBH Creative compiled distinct audience personas to define what the customer expected and wanted from the new website. These personas helped to guide the website design and development phases.

Successful collaboration

In a project of this scope, it is not uncommon for multiple resources to work together on different components of the project. TBH Creative led the strategic planning of the project and developed the design work. We then worked closely with BitWise Solutions to implement the design and complete a quality review before launch.

When deciding who BitWise would partner with for the Remy International multisite initiative there were numerous design companies to choose from, but only one we felt provided the best user experience and professionalism needed to make the initiative successful. Right from the start the TBH Creative team was helpful, responsive, patient, creative and a friendly team to work with. We have found TBH Creative to be dependable and deliver a quality product with enthusiasm.

Brad Rockwood
Business development manager

About Remy International

Remy International is a leading manufacturer and remanufacturer in the automotive, heavy duty, and transportation industry. It produces starters, alternators and electrical components for worldwide distribution.