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Using design to improve usability

When a website doubles as a service, the design takes on a new level of importance. Not only does the design need to communicate the brand and support the mission, it also needs to help the user get from Start to Finish. The NCAA Student-Athlete Eligibility Center came to us with just this challenge.

The Eligibility Center was outdated in technology and design. It wasn’t easy for students to complete the process, and it gave a poor impression to a very tech-oriented audience not to mention confusing and not accessible on hand-held devices. The NCAA had three key goals with this redesign:

  1. Make the center design and process more modern.
  2. Improve the brand impression.
  3. Enhance the user experience.


First hired: 2016

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The new website is modern, intuitive and very easy to use – we’re really pleased with the way it looks and works. It is major shift in appearance from the old website to the new one and we expected users might be confused but we haven’t received a spike in phone calls at all, and that’s a testament to your team’s great design.


John Johansson
Associate Director of Eligibility Center Communications, NCAA

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