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Website redesign and full service digital marketing

Website redesign and digital marketing efforts grow sales pipeline

TBH Creative and Baker Hill started with the core question: What problems can Baker Hill solve for their clients? That client-focused approach guides all of our marketing efforts.

Through this ongoing partnership, TBH Creative supports Baker Hill’s business goals with digital and traditional marketing work, including everything from creating email workflows and inbound campaigns to helping with internal branding and event marketing.


  • Redesign and optimize the Baker Hill website to better present service offerings and attract new leads
  • Add depth to digital marketing campaigns by building landing pages, producing video content, writing blog posts, designing infographics, and more
  • Develop, execute, analyze, and refine email marketing automation strategies to support lead generation
  • Drive targeted traffic to the Baker Hill website with ROI-focused Google Ads management and reporting

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First hired: 2016

Company History web page Company History web page
Integrations web page Integrations web page

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Baker Hill welcomes guests to its Carmel headquarters with a three-dimensional logo sign


TBH Creative refined Baker Hill’s logo and color palette to strengthen and modernize their brand identity assets.

We focused on creating a more dynamic, cohesive, and comprehensive identity system with the flexibility to work in a wide range of applications, both online and offline.

Though we completed our first—and primary—integration of their updated brand identity assets as part of our website redesign work, TBH Creative continues to help Baker Hill incorporate their refreshed logo and color palette into everything from tradeshow booth and office signage to sales collateral materials, such as posters and magazine advertisements.

Baker Hill Blue


Baker Hill Yellow


Baker Hill Green


History wall

Using custom dimensions of an interior wall at Baker Hill headquarters, we designed a 68-foot display showcasing the company’s history to celebrate accomplishments, note milestones, and encourage team pride.

Baker Hill event signage

Event marketing

The annual Prosper conference for Baker Hill customers includes workshops, lectures, product demos, and more. Starting in 2016, we helped Baker Hill’s marketing team completely rebrand and re-introduce the event. On-going services include:

  • Event wayfinding signage
  • Mobile app visuals
  • Email templates and automated email marketing campaigns
  • PowerPoint template development for all presentations

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Video marketing

As part of their rebranding launch, TBH Creative created a handful of videos, including one that uses storytelling to showcase the features of the new Baker Hill NextGen lending solution. Through that video, we help educate prospects about the features and functions of the new banking software. Its results during the first year it was published include:

  • 1600+ organic plays on Baker Hill website
  • 93% play rate
  • 8.6% conversion rate on final screen CTA

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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

In tandem with branding updates and creating new collateral, we have created inbound marketing campaigns to attract prospective clients and partners support Baker Hill’s website. Tactics include:

  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Reporting

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Example of a Baker Hill remarketing ad

Paid search marketing

Through campaigns created and managed through Google Ads and Bing, we drive targeted traffic to Baker Hill's website, directing potential leads to specific landing pages featuring customized messaging that provides answers to questions they were researching online.

Since our work began, Baker Hill has seen four times more leads come through via paid ads and nearly doubled their prior average click-through rate.

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↑ increased performance metrics across the board after new website launch

  • Unique visitors grew 22%
  • Page views went up by 21%
  • Pages per session increased 13%
  • Percentage of new sessions raised 11%

↑ grew engagement with stronger calls to action

Site content now focuses on supporting specific calls to action, and this strategy is creating positive results. For example, during the first 90 days after posting a video about their comprehensive Baker Hill NextGen solution, we saw:

  • 93% play rate
  • 74% average engagement
  • 18 actions

I engaged TBH Creative to assist with a full re-branding and digital marketing effort for Baker Hill, and, in many ways, we learned the financial technology industry together. In TBH Creative we have found a true marketing partner—not an order taker—and that keeps my internal team on our toes and always thinking. I appreciate their perspective just as much as the quality of their work.

Deidra Colvin
Deidra Colvin
Chief marketing officer

About Baker Hill

For over 30 years, Baker Hill has provided industry-leading financial technology solutions that empower banks and credit unions to generate growth, reduce risk, improve productivity, and drive more profitable relationships.