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Website Redesign & Responsive Development

Improved sales support through updated website

Aircom Manufacturing knew that their customers and prospects were using the Internet more and more often when researching contract manufacturing partners. “You can hear them typing on the keyboard as soon as you introduce yourself and the company,” noted one of the sales directors in our project kick off meeting. They needed more than a simple redesign, they needed a website that could be part of their sales kit. A website that would promote their services and explain their strengths.

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First hired: 2014

Interior Distribution Page Interior Distribution Page
Interior Experience Page Interior Experience Page

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Emphasis on manufacturing process

Through both design and content, the new website clearly illustrate that Aircom can work with companies through the entire manufacturing process from design to distribution.

Expanded experience information

One of our top content goals was to better communicate the experience and capabilities of Aircom. We added a section that focuses on experience and includes mini-case studies to illustrate precisely what each can do for their clients.

Stronger calls to action

The new site makes it easier for prospects to reach out to Aircom with strong directives and calls to action throughout. We also added a new “inventor checklist” to help people qualify themselves before contacting Aircom.

From the detail in the original proposal to project tracking and finally launch, TBH was very thorough, professional and easy to work with.  Our business is pretty complicated and hard for those not in our industry to understand.  Having said that, TBH picked up what we wanted to communicate very quickly. The final product not only met but exceeded our expectations.

Greg Lyon
Executive Vice President

About Aircom Manufacturing

Aircom Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing company that handles design, development, manufacturing and distribution. Aircom works in a variety of industries including telecommunications, animal health care, food services, agricultural and automotive.