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Responsive Redesign

Upgrading a website and improving content delivery

TBH Creative first worked with Imaging Office Systems to redesign their website back in 2010. The focus at that time was educating their audience on the depth and breadth of their services. The website was deep in content with lengthy descriptions of process and benefits. This year’s redesign had a much different goal in mind: to clearly describe how their work helps their clients and to do so in a much more concise and user-focused presentation.

They wanted to deliver their message with fewer words, more graphics and make better use of video as a communication tool.

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First hired: 2011

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Engagement through video

IOS is proud of its employees, and a video featuring their personalities is a great way to show it. In the first six months after launch, video play and subsequent engagement rose. IOS saw a 74% increase in play rate and 36% more engagement with users who watched video on their site.


A dramatically different website that is focused on user benefits.

With a fresh new look that uses graphics to tell the story alongside robust statements, the new Imaging Office Systems website gives a glimpse into their personality while also highlighting their key services. Videos are featured prominently throughout the site, not relegated to one gallery page. In fact, video images play the role of hero graphics on key pages adding a vibrant feel to the website that reflects the energy Imaging Office Systems brings to each of their projects.

Website traffic on the rise

Comparing the new site traffic to the previous year, there's already been a 15% increase in unique visitors. IOS notes that new leads are commenting on the website: "Prospects have a very positive impression of us after reviewing the site which is exactly what we were after. We had one prospect tell us that she wasn’t sure what all their problems were but was confident after reviewing our site that we’d be able to help them figure it out and fix them."

Tatum and her group’s approach to design and development made the project feel doable. We were making some dramatic changes in style and they struck a nice balance between showing us what we needed to do and providing options for what we could do. We were pleased with the work TBH did for us previously, but the work on this project is special.

Brian Kopack, President
Brian Kopack

About Imaging Office Systems

IOS has been working with companies for over 40 years helping them convert documents, manage information, and develop better processes. Their business isn’t just document conversion, content management or records storage – it’s information management. IOS systems are currently serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, major universities, hospitals, manufacturing companies, and a diverse cross-section of businesses around the world.