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Web Design

Creating a website to communicate care and comfort

TBH Creative developed the Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation’s first website in 2008, and then performed a complete overhaul to redesign the site in 2016. Pulling together the design, content and overall tone, TBH created a resource that is approachable and inviting while also being informative for their targeted audience. 

First hired: 2012

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Hickory Creek Website Logo

Logo Design Refresh

We worked with the team at Hickory Creek on a complete website redesign, but they also needed a new logo to better represent their brand. The logo needed to convey that the elderly would find trusted, compassionate service with Hickory Creek.

  • We chose a font with a bolder look and softer serifs to alleviate embroidery issues
  • The client requested a robust tree with a straight trunk with "more more heft to it" to give the indication of 'strong roots'
  • We incorporated a subtle band of blue as a peaceful, gentle river near the hickory tree




I had no experience whatsoever in creating a website from scratch, but TBH's experience and advice made the whole process so much easier. The end result was amazing - comments from visitors and users indicate the site is easy to navigate; informative without being overwhelming; and the look of the site is open and inviting. TBH Creative did a tremendous job of taking all our text, refining it down and converting it into something readable, usable and navigable.

Beverly Sherwood
Director of Marketing and Community Relations

About Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation

Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit organization providing long-term care and rehabilitation services for the elderly.